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Africa Peace Forum(APFO) History

Africa Peace Forum (APFO) was established in 1994 as a Non Governmental Organization based in Nairobi, Kenya dedicated to working for Peace in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region. APFOs interest lies in the areas of Peace/Conflict Research, Advocacy on Peace and Security issues in the Horn of Africa and supporting community level Peace processes including those within states and cross border initiatives.

APFO was officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organization on 9th September 1999 under section 10 of Non Governmental Organizations Coordination Act of Kenya.

APFOs members of staff include former diplomats, academicians, researchers and practitioners in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution. The organization has extensive experience in Conflict Analysis, Training in Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution.

The Organization has strong working relationships with governments, inter governmental and non governmental bodies and research institutions, both in Africa and internationally.

Africa Peace Forum pays special attention to the role of ecumenical and grassroots organizations in peacemaking and peace building and has to this end provided immense contribution in ensuring that such initiatives succeed.

APFO’s specific areas of interest with respect to Peace building include;

  • Small Arms and human security
  • Conflict Early Warning and Early Response
  • Conflict Resolution through Mediation
  • Advocacy on Peace and Security related policies
  • Community/ Traditional Peace Initiatives
  • Women and Youth participation in peace processes
  • Peace/Conflict Research and Conflict Analysis

APFO Core Values

APFO's operations and relationships are based on the following core values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Respect for the sanctity of human life and environment.
  • Solidarity in Conflicts Prevention and Peace Building.